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Tangent by Caroline Goldsworthy

Just like you, I’m a writer and I am passionate about making my stories and yours the best they can possibly be. 

Tangent was my debut novel and was shortlisted for the very first The Selfies Award

I followed that up with an Anglo-Saxon murder mystery because, well, why wouldn’t you? It was inspired by a strange experience on my first visit to Sutton Hoo.

Then came Recompense, the second outing for DCI Carlson and his team.

There is a third, Perdition,  in the pipeline

Finally, as Caroline Goldsworthy, I wrote The Love Trap during the first lockdown in 2020. It was a finalist in the 2021 Book Bloggers Novel of the Year Award.

During 2021 my writing went on a hiatus as I had to take a day job. However, the mind was still coming up with stories and I began my foray into cosy mysteries with the Eastwold by the Sea mystery series, starring district nurse, part-time vicar and amateur sleuth, Alina Merrycott.

I followed this series up with Lady Gayle Summer in a series of 1920s cosy mysteries.