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Editing by Caroline

Hey there writers,

this is the next stage in the epic journey of writing your novel. The professional edit. This is the stage where someone reads through your novel and offers ideas to improve it.

Editing can take different forms and I’ve jotted some definitions below:

Structural Edit

Developmental editing takes place before you’ve written a single word to develop ideas and characters, it’s sometimes confused with the step for when your novel is completed and you want someone to assess the structure and overall flow of your novel. That’s what we offer here at Caroline Edits. With a structural edit your manuscript will be read to assess the overall narrative, plot, pacing, character development, and thematic consistency. Your manuscript will be marked up with inline comments and you will receive a report too. 

Copy edit

With a copyedit your manuscript is checked for clarity, style, and overall effectiveness. This edit involves improving sentence structure, removing redundancies, and ensuring proper flow and coherence. Your manuscript is returned with tracked changes and inline comments. 


This type of editing focuses on correcting errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax. The goal is to ensure that the text is free from typos, inconsistencies, and other minor mistakes.